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Geranium - Whole Plant Synergy

Aroma: sweet, floral, strong, rosey with herbaceous undertones.
Planet: Venus
Note: middle regulator
Influence on the mind and emotions: tonic to the nervous system, lifts the spirits, balances emotional extremes, soothing, revitalizing, excellent for easing all the negative manifestations of stress.
Key qualities and character: harmonizing, feminine, balancing, comforting, neutral to slightly warming, gentle and powerful healer.
Traditional uses and folklore: as a protective herb in Medieval Europe; flowers were once used in love sachets; planted around cottages to repel evil spirits; used as a fragrance in soaps and perfumes.
Skin care: useful for all skin types due to its ability to balance sebum production; good over all skin cleanser with anti-inflammatory, astringent, and moisturizing properties; improves blood flow; has antiseptic and anti-fungal action.
Precautions: the essential oil may cause irritation to sensitive skin (though not usually in the dilution of the synergy).
Ingredients: unsprayed aromatic hydrosol of Geranium from the United Kingdom, certified organic essential oil of Geranium from Madagascar and South Africa, coconut emulsifier and grapefruit seed extract.
Size: 2 fluid oz. spray bottle

Price:   $11.95 
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