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Yarrow - Whole Plant Synergy

Aroma: green, fresh, herbaceous, slightly camphoric and sweet/sharp.
Planet: Venus
Note: top
Influence on the mind and emotions: nerve tonic--strengthens and revitalizes whole system; helps keep psychological equilibrium intact; balancing during hormonal changes and shifting energies; instills a sense of security and uplifts the spirits. Key words and qualities: balancing, grounding, opening, restorative, revitalizing, strengthening and protective.
Key qualities and character: balancing, grounding, opening, restorative, revitalizing, strengthening and protective.
Traditional uses and folklore: used as a battle medicine to staunch wounds (Achilles healed his tendon with the herb); the Chinese viewed the plant as sacred, using the dried stalks in their I Ching divination (Yarrow was seen as the perfect balance between Yin and Yang); European cultures also associated Yarrow with both divination (if placed under one's pillow, will bring a dream/vision of one's true love or future spouse) and protection(with the power to ward off evil spirits) and has also been used as a digestive bitters.
Skin care: anti-inflammatory, cell regenerating, analgesic, astringent skin tonic for oily, damaged and problem skin; tonifies and conditions the scalp and stimulates hair growth.
Precautions: possible sensitization in some individuals.
Ingredients: aromatic hydrosol of Yarrow from Bulgaria, certified organic essential oil of Blue Yarrow from the USA, coconut emulsifier and grapefruit seed extract.
Size: 1 fluid oz. spray bottle

Price:   $9.95 
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