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Skin Care

Please Note:  As of December 21, 2017, Iris Herbal will ONLY be filling web site orders for Salves, Liniments and 3-Day Deodorant.
All other product sales will be temporarily suspended, until we reopen again on April 1, 2018.
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Iris Herbal skin care products are free of all the synthetic chemicals that are almost ubiquitous in cosmetics. Only pure, natural plant based whole ingredients, such as aromatic hydrosols, vegetable oils, tinctures, juices, essential oils and preservatives (grapefruit seed extract or non GMO preserved vitamin E) are used. Most of the ingredients are certified organic, ethically wildcrafted or unsprayed. Nothing has been tested on animals.


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Flower Facial
Cost: $3.75
Size: 1 oz.
Use: Excellent for dry, delicate or damaged skin.
Ingredients: Certified (or home-grown) organic Lavender, Rose, Calendula and German Chamomile flowers

For a facial steam, put 1 tsp. of the herbs in 2-3 cups of boiling water and place your face into the steam, being careful not to get too close to the water. Steam opens pores and the herbal constituents assist in toning the skin. The tea can be cooled and strained and used as a face mask or toner. Keep any leftover in the refrigerator.


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Herbal Astringent
Cost: $9.95
Size: 2 oz.
Use: a revitalizing skin tightener for oily skin, with a mild disinfectant for problem skin. This synergistic formula refreshes and stimulates circulation for optimal skin health.
Ingredients: Made with distilled Witch Hazel, certified organic Lavender and Rose aromatic hydrosols, Aloe Vera extract, fresh wildcrafted Hypericum in denatured alcohol, certified organic Echinacea tincture and essential oils of Lavender Sage, Geranium and Lemon. Preserved with Grapefruit Seed extract.


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Herbal Facial Mask
Cost: $9.95 (Enough to make at least 4 masks)
Size: 2 oz. liquid, 1 oz. (by volume) clay
Use: A two-part system tailor-made to your skin needs. Directions included
Liquid Component  for all masks: Arsenic Mineral Water from Ojo Caliente Springs in northern New Mexico, certified organic Lavender and Rose aromatic hydrosols and Aloe Vera extract. Preserved with grapefruit seed extract.

Dry Component: 
(please choose one of the following):

    Bentonite Clay - deeply drawing and detoxifying.
    Removes blackheads, free radicals, and increases circulation.

    French Green Clay - for normal to oily skin.
    Stimulating, rejuvenating, and tonifying.

    French Red Clay - an iron rich clay.
    excellent for treating medium elimination problems.
    Balancing and tonifying.

    French White Clay - the gentlest,
    can be used to treat and improve sensitive and dry skin.
    A brightening mask for generally clear complexions.


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Herbal Toner
Cost: $9.95
Size: 2 oz.
Use: A soothing anti-inflammatory for dry or sensitive skin. This synergistic formula is moisturizing, calming and protecting.
Ingredients: unsprayed Roman Chamomile Floral Water (from Hungary), ecologically ethical Neroli (Orange Blossom) Aromatic Hydrosol (from Tunisia), unsprayed Helichrysum (from South Africa) and Angelica (from Turkey) Floral Waters, Coconut Emulsifier, and essential oils of Palmarosa, Rosewood and Lavender. Preserved with Grapefruit Seed extract.


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Neroli Skin Oil
Cost: $7.95
Size: 1/2 oz.
Use: A cellular stimulant that is regenerating, hydrating, anti-inflammatory and calming. Use to help heal damaged, sensitive dehydrated skin and to help prevent stretch marks, wrinkles and scar tissue.
Ingredients: Essential oils of Goldenrod, Neroli, Palmarosa, Ormensis (Wild Chamomile) in a base of fresh wildcrafted Goldenrod infused in certified organic extra virgin Olive oil, wildcrafted Kukui Nut oil, certified organic Macademia Nut oil, unrefined Avocado oil and vitamin E.


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Planetary Synergy for Acne
Cost: $5.00
Size: 1/2 oz.
Use: For bacterial infections of the skin. May be further diluted; for external use only.
Ingredients: Alcohol extracts of Usnea and Yerba Mansa, aromatic hydrosols of Rosemary and Yarrow, alcohol extracts of Chaparral, Neem and Yellow Dock, and essential oils of Lavender, Lemon, Spike Lavender, Manuka and Tea Tree.


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Planetary Synergy for Athlete's Foot
Cost: $5.00
Size: 1/2 oz.
Use: For fungal infections of the skin. May be further diluted; for external use only.
Ingredients: Alcohol extracts of Algarobbo, Pau d'Arco, Calendula, Guggul, Bloodroot, Yarrow and Yerba Mansa, and essential oils of Manuka, Lavender, Myrrh and Tea Tree.


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Rose Skin Butter
Cost: $9.35
Size: 1 oz.
Use: a soothing, restoring moisturizer for sensitive, weathered skin.
Ingredients: Illipe butter, unrefined Beeswax, wildcrafted Kukui Nut oils, certified organic Macademia Nut oil, unrefined Shea butter, certified organic coconut oil, fresh infused Hypericum in certified organic extra virgin oil, certified organic Lecithin, natural Vitamin E oil and essential oils of Rosewood, Palmarosa, and Rose Absolute.


Note: This price list was updated 07-24-2017.


The information presented here only reflects historical usage of herbs and herbal products and is given for educational purposes only. No statement has been evaluated by the FDA. None of these herbs in any form of product are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.


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