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When an aromatic plant is distilled to extract its essential oil components, hot steam acts like a solvent, and carries out a large variety of chemical constituents from the crushed, fresh plant. As the steam condenses and cools, two liquids are present. There's a larger amount of water, in which the water soluble components (primarily water soluble acids) are found. Often called a flower water, the technical name is aromatic hydrosol or hydrolat. This hydrosol contains a tiny percentage of dissolved essential oil.

Usually floating on top of the hydrosol is the essential oil of the plant, made up of the water insoluble chemical compounds from the plant. The tiny amount of essential oil found in solution in the hydrosol is different in chemical make up from the concentrated pure oil from the same distillation process.

By combining the two liquids - hydrosol and essential oil - from the same plant, and emulsifying them so that the oil and water mix, we have a liquid that embodies the full fragrance and chemistry of the distilled plant: thus, a whole plant synergy. They are preserved with grapefruit seed extract and have a one year shelf life. Store in a cool place out of the direct sun.


Letting Go Of Fear - Whole Plant Synergy Blend

Aroma: this blend creates a rich, sweet, spicy scent with floral, balsamic, woody and citrus notes.

Planet: Venus, Saturn, Sun and Jupiter

Note: top, middle, middle to base

Influence on the mind and emotions: Coriander is uplifting and refreshing, bringing creativity and confidence; Cypress is soothing and centering, contributing strength and direction; Sweet Orange is uplifting and positive, adding resolute courage; Ormensis is relaxing and soothing, bringing grounding and wisdom; Melissa is both calming and uplifting, instilling a positive outlook; and Neroli is relaxing and loving, offering emotional tranquility.

Key qualities and character: motivating and encouraging, protective and wise, warming and energizing, mindful and calming, supportive and peaceful, and calm and spiritual.

Traditional uses and folklore: Coriander, once grown in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, has been used since ancient times for medicine (constipation and insomnia), food (the Egyptians called it the spice of happiness), flavoring (of various wines and liqueurs), and in cosmetics (an ingredient of the 17th century French Carmelite toilette water). Cypress, often planted in graveyards, has long been valued as a medicine (astringent tonic), incense (for purification), and for its wood (made into houses, ships, sarcophagi and statues of deities), both in the eastern Mediterranean and in Asia. Sweet Orange, Melissa and Neroli: see their individual profiles above; and Oremnsis, a relatively new essential oil, native to north-west Africa, that is distantly related to the Chamomiles botanically, and for that reason is often called Wild or Moroccan Chamomile.

Skin care: balancing and cleansing tonic to most skin types.

Precautions: use in moderation; a few individuals may be sensitive.

Ingredients: ecologically ethical aromatic hydrosol of Orange Blossom (Neroli) from Tunisia; essential oils of ecologically ethical Coriander Select from Poland, certified organic Cypress from Morocco, certified organic Sweet Orange from USA, ethically wildcrafted Ormensis from Morocco, unsprayed Melissa from the UK, and unsprayed Neroli from Tunisia; coconut emulsifier and grapefruit seed extract.

Size: 2 fluid oz. spray bottle

Price:   $14.85 
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Magnificent - Whole Plant Synergy Blend

(Santalum album, Liquidamber orientalis, Citrus aurantium, Rosa centifolia, Dianthus caryophyllus, Jasminum officinalis var. grandiflorum, and Pogostemon patchouli)

Aroma: this combination creates a very rich, deep, floral, balsamic scent with sweet, woody, honey and earthy notes.
Planet: Sun, Jupiter, Uranus and Venus
Note: middle to base
Influence on the mind and emotions: Sandalwood instills peace and acceptance through its soothing nature; Amber calms the mind and opens the heart; Neroli uplifts the spirits and imparts peace; Rose supports and nurtures the heart while bringing passionate sensuality; Carnation is comforting and sensual; Jasmine calms the nerves and brings confident warmth; and Patchouli is grounding and balancing.
Key qualities and character: warmth, originality, sensuality, peacefulness, balance, passion and grounding.
Traditional uses and folklore: Sandalwood has been used since antiquity as an incense in religious ceremonies (especially in China and India); Amber has also been used as an incense for centuries (mainly in Asia minor); Neroli and Rose (see their individual profiles above); Carnation (known as gillyflower) was used in Britain (as well as Europe) since the Norman times as a cordial to "comfort the heart" and the petals were bound into chaplets for weddings and coronations; Jasmine, often called the "King of fragrance," has been used as a perfume and in cosmetics throughout the East; and Patchouli has a long history of medicinal use in Malaysia, Japan, India and China
Skin care: excellent toner for all skin types, especially mature, weathered and inflamed skin.
Precautions: do not use if pregnant.
Ingredients: Aromatic Hydrosols: certified organic Rose from Bulgaria, ecologically ethical Orange Blossom (Neroli) from Tunisia and plantation- grown Sandalwood from India. Essential oils: ecologically ethical Sandalwood from Australia, Amber from Tunisia, unsprayed Neroli from Tunisia, Rose and Carnation Absolutes from France, Jasmine Absolute from India and certified organic/traditionally processed (aged) Patchouli from Indonesia. Other ingredients: coconut emulsifier and grapefruit seed extract.
Size: 2 fluid oz. spray bottle

Price:   $17.00 
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Serenity - Whole Plant Synergy Blend

(Lavendula angustifolia, Santalum spicatum, Citrus bergamia, Styrax benzoin, Boswellia carterii, Helichrysum angustifolia, Citrus deliciosa, Ormensis multicaulis))

Size: 2 fluid oz. spray bottle

Aroma: clear floral with spicy, woody and sweet citrus notes.

Planets: Sun, Mercury

Note: a balance of all 3

Influence on the mind and emotions: see both "Inner Peace" and "Encouraging Forgiveness" above; calms and focuses.

Key qualities and character: although similar to both "Encouraging Forgiveness" and "Inner Peace," Serenity adds a focusing, stabilizing and nurturing aspect.

Traditional uses and folklore: the addition of Benzoin (which has been traditionally used for those who pursue "spiritual journeys" as it helps steady and focus the mind) and the cooling Frankincense (which has been used to calm the mind while focusing one's spiritual consciousness) add to "Serenity's" usefulness in all spiritual work. All 3 blends are also lovely ways to help you relax and unwind.

Skin care: suitable for all complexion types (especially beneficial for any skin infection or irritation).

Precautions: not for use during the first trimester of pregnancy (not an issue if one only inhales the aroma).

Ingredients: certified organic Lavender aromatic hydrosol from the USA, essential oils of unsprayed Lavender Mailette from France, ecologically ethical Sandalwood from Australia, ecologically ethical Bergamot from Italy, wild-harvested Benzoin Absolute from Thailand, wild-harvested Frankincense from Somalia, certified organic Immortelle from France, unsprayed Red Mandarin from Italy, wild-harvested Ormensis (Wild Chamomile) from Morocco and certified organic Roman Chamomile from Italy, coconut emulsifier and grapefruit seed extract.

Price:   $14.85 
Attention: This item is currently only available as a special order. Please visit our new special order page for more purchase options and info. Thank you.


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