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Complete Citrus - Whole Plant Synergy

Aroma: very complex and energizing, with great depth due to the number of oils: the quintessence of citrus.
Planet: Sun
Note: top
Influence on the mind and emotions: the citruses in general impart optimism and improve the mood; due to its complexity, this combination is an interesting blend of both familiarity and novelty.
Key qualities and character: the citruses are joyful and uplifting, warming and energizing, peaceful and balancing.
Traditional uses and folklore: citruses have been employed as food, beverage and fragrance for millennia.
Skin care: general tonification.
Precautions: photo-sensitization and may be an irritant for those with sensitive skin.
Ingredients: to the ingredients of both the Complete Orange and Lime Whole Plant Synergies are added the following essential and cold-pressed oils: certified organic Wild Forest Petitgrain from Madagascar, certified organic Bergamot from Italy, Yuzu from Korea, certified organic Lemon from Argentina, certified organic Pink and White Grapefruit from South Africa, unsprayed Green Mandarin from Italy and certified organic Red Mandarin from South Africa.
Size: 2 fluid oz. spray bottle

Price:   $16.95 
Attention: This item is currently only available as a special order. Please visit our new special order page for more purchase options and info. Thank you.

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