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Neroli (Bitter Orange Blossom) - Whole Plant Synergy

Aroma: rich, sweet, warm, exquisite floral that is slightly euphoric.
Planet: Sun
Note: top
Influence on the mind and emotions: both tonifying and sedating, it relieves chronic stress; soothes highly emotional states; redirects energy towards feelings of peace; helps calm overactive mental states and is conducive to meditation and prayer.
Key qualities and character: soothing, calming, loving, spiritual, pure and confident.
Traditional uses and folklore: the flower symbolizes innocence and secure love; petals have been used in cosmetics and eau de cologne; floral water has been a part of various European and Middle eastern cuisines; taken as a tea for nervous afflictions; included in bridal bouquets to calm nervous apprehension; employed as a flavoring and considered to stimulate the heart chakra.
Skin care: stimulates the growth of healthy new cells; regenerating for all skin types, especially for the problems of aging skin; anti-inflammatory and good for weathered and sensitive skin.
Precautions: None.
Ingredients: ecologically ethical aromatic hydrosol of Orange Blossom from Morocco, unsprayed essential oil of Neroli from Tunisia, coconut emulsifier and grapefruit seed extract.
Size: 2 fluid oz. spray bottle

Price:   $17.50 
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